the boys

the boys

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I mean, who doesn't have some pretty great stories from the ol' college years? I can think of a dozen just off the top of my head.

There was the time the fall of my freshman year that my boyfriend from home came to visit and I was SOOOO over it already. Total disaster. I was slightly inept at relationships having spent my entire life in a gym! I was relying on my ever so worldly friend, Lisa, to help but she had to go and get her wisdom teeth out. Selfish if you ask me! For part of the weekend we actually sat in Lisa's mom's hotel room where poor Dale tried her hardest to be polite and make conversation. What a freakin' disaster! Oh, I already said that. But it really, really was! If you have never heard this story, it is really best told with me and Lisa together. We know how to tell a story! It's a skill we have honed after years of being friends. But we usually lose it at the end of this one and you can't understand what we are saying between peels of laughter! Let's just say that it didn't end well.

Or there was the time when some of our manager friends took us inside the scoreboard above the basketball court in the coliseum. I think it was after a gymnastics meet. I'm pretty sure that's the same night that Leslie and I spent the night in the little dorm rooms at the coliseum and then had to pretend like we were arriving for training room and practice like normal the next day. So scandalous!!! We were such innocent little things!

And the huge summer party we had at the little house we were subleasing the summer after freshman year. Lisa G, Danielle, and honorary gymnasts Lisa B, Lindley, and Nicole. Such a fun summer! Too bad we all gained about 15 lbs and were in the "fat club" the whole next season! I can honestly say now that my fun memories outweigh the whole weight issues. No pun intended.

But an all time favorite memory involves a bug. No, not an actual bug. But A-bug also known as Allison, my baby sis. She came to visit for a week one summer. I was living in good ol' Sumner Place. A tiny little cul-de-sac where they crammed in about 20 identical houses. They were brand new when we moved in and they were really nice for college housing standards. As I said, they were all exactly alike except for the color of the front doors and the roofs.

So I went off to work one morning at Northriver Video and Tan. That's right...shout out to the Reed's for combining a video store with 3 tanning beds! Anywho, Allison decided to take Lisa's dog Mugsie for a walk. Such a nice girl. She must have been 15 or 16 at the time. So after the walk she strolls back into our house. And there is a girl standing at the kitchen bar with long blonde hair, just like Lisa. But there are about 3 little dogs running around who of course make a beeline for Mugsie and Allison. Allison just stopped and stared at all of them and asked "What are all of these dogs doing in our house?" And then she realizes that the furniture is also different. This is not our house. She had walked into the house next door. So she just slowly backed out dragging Mugs away from the dogs and scurries off to our house. She called me at work and I am not kidding when I say that I remember laying on the floor behind the register laughing my ass off when she told me!

To this day, a simple statement of "what are all these dogs doing in our house" can really get us going!!! Love ya, A!

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