the boys

the boys

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter, again

Oh Easter.  Why do you do this to me?  Some of you may recall the blog from Easter 2011. 

This isn't that bad, but it's so typical for me.  Nothing ever quite goes right.  I am a horrible planner and a huge procrastinator and maybe just maybe (fingers crossed) many other moms are just like me so I won't feel so crappy about myself! 

I don't go all out for any of the holidays.  I don't do it up crazy and expensive.  I'm a simple gal.  Not a lot of fanfare.  I really hope my kids won't be sitting around as adults some day talking about how lame their mother was for every holiday.  Are my insecurities showing too much tonight?  They have been flaring up quite a lot today.  Not my best parenting day or really my best day in general, but that's for another blog on another day.  Actually that's probably a lie as I am not a woe is me kind of writer.  I'm a here's how my woe's are hilarious and can entertain everyone kind of gal.  It's an excellent defense mechanism. 

Tonight is about Easter prep.  My dear, smart, hard-working husband did the Easter basket shopping.  I gave him the list and he got everything on the list for the Easter baskets.  Tonight, while he is hard at work getting thrown up on by a woman who ate strawberry cake, I am here making Easter baskets. 

And now I'm drinking wine.  And eating a brownie.  Because I didn't write on the list for my dear husband to buy candy to actually fill the plastic Easter eggs.  Yup.  It's 10:30 pm and I am home by myself with three sleeping children (thank you Jesus) and the only candy that he bought are dum-dum suckers and fruit snacks.  Neither of which will actually fit in an egg, but do fit nicely in the baskets themselves.  What I wrote on the list was for him to purchase items for the Easter BASKETS.  And he did. 

But I'm a resourceful woman.  I went through all of the cabinets.  Don't think I didn't consider putting some pretzels and grapes in those plastic eggs.  Fortunately I came across this fabulous half-full bag of Christmas candy that was being utilized for the Advent Calendar treats!  YES!!!!  No one cares that the candy is all in red and green wrappers with the occasional holly wreath.  My kids aren't that smart. 

Just in case it hasn't sunk in for you, I just filled my kids Easter eggs with Christmas candy.    I'm keeping it very Catholic.  Christmas.  Easter.  Wine.  Guilt.