the boys

the boys

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear Baby O'Brien

Oh my goodness.  It's been about 4 months since I have written a blog post.  Time gets away from me and I've been a little busy growing a baby.  I started this blog a few months ago and never finished it.  Now that I am nearing my due date I feel the need to get it done before the baby arrives.

Dear Baby O'Brien (or BOB as Mimi calls you),

All of the baby books and baby magazines suggest writing a sweet little letter to my unborn child and tuck it away for you to read later (like age 4 when you are a genius child and can read earlier than all of your pressure).  Some moms write poems, others keep a journal.   As you will soon learn, that sort of crap really annoys me.  I'm not really the touchy feely kinda mom, or person for that matter.  Don't get me wrong, I love me a good snuggle and will love you unconditionally for as long as we both live, and then some.  But I'm not sappy.  Never have been.  Never will be.  Welcome to my world.  Your dad calls me the Ice Queen.  It's a fairly reasonable assessment.

So staying with the theme of being direct, here's just a few things I want to share:

- I wish you would stop tap dancing on my bladder.  But I love you anyway.  Oh lookie there.  Some sappiness snuck in. Must be the pregnancy hormones.  Anywho, I like tap dancing so I kind of see where you are coming from.  Oh but wait, you are head down (hopefully) so really you are head butting or punching my bladder.  Well, you will fit in just fine with your brothers then.  Your dad has taught them an lovely little affectionate name for head butting.  They call it Irish kisses. 

- Several times in your life you will hear people ask me if I wanted a girl since I already have two boys.  The answer is that I am perfectly happy to have a 3rd boy.  In fact I prefer it.  We are all set up for boys here and we already know what doing (in theory).  And honestly I'm not very girly.  If you were a girl I was under a lot of pressure from some of my friends to constantly put you in frilly clothes with bows on your head.  Thank goodness we dodged that bullet!  My only real issue with having another boy is that I am horrible at playing boy games.  I can't make a car motor sound to save my life.  And I have no idea what to do when playing army men or crashing cars into each other.  I find myself trying to play house with them and that doesn't go over well with your brothers.  But lucky for you you have two brothers and a father who will fill that roll just fine.

- I am so ready for your arrival.  Mostly so that Leo will stop calling me "Big Momma" every day.  (hopefully)  On the other hand I will miss his very sweet little way of asking me every day "How's the baby feeling today?  Is he punching you very much?"

- Actually I'm not ready for your arrival at all.  I did wash your clothes already so you will have the necessities of food and clothing.  You don't have a room or crib ready yet but honestly I don't think you will even notice.  And if you do, you can't talk yet so my guilt will be limited to some degree.  And that is really the most important thing in this equation. 

- You don't have a name yet.  We are getting closer.  You had one for a while, Owen Zachary, and it's still an option but I found I couldn't limit myself to it so now we have 4 names to choose from and probably won't decide until you are born.  That's probably the only other reason I wish that you were a girl.  We have a great girl name picked out and seems we will never get to use it.  Unless we decide to give you a playmate in a few years.  Then you are off the hook. 

- I hope you are born before Halloween because I got you  super cute little Halloween outfit to wear that day.  But I hope you are not born on Halloween Day. 

- You will like raw cookie dough.  And cookies.  It's a requirement for my children.  Don't disappoint me.  I might disown you. 

- I hope you can learn to appreciate hand-me-downs.  Because all gifts for your first few birthdays and Christmas are likely to just be things we already had for your brothers re-wrapped with your name on it. 

- I don't know what the hell you have done to my hair.  (Oh, and I cuss.)  In the early stages of my pregnancy you gave off some sort of vibe that made it oddly wavy in one spot.  I thought that was bad enough.  I was wrong.  Somehow you are now emitting some sort of hormone that has caused a greasy spot on the crown of my head.  No amount of washing or avoidance of hair products can reduce this spot.  I wake up in the morning looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket with greasy spikes of hair sticking up off my head.  It's as if while I sleep you are frying up some bacon in there and running it through my veins to my scalp. 

So that's just a few things you should know.  There are many more of course and sadly for you your learning experiences will likely be documented on this blog for current and future entertainment of myself and others.

I love you already and I can't wait to meet you!!!!