the boys

the boys

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday Night

I don't get a chance to blog much anymore, but this is just a quick example of the chaos that is my life.  Jeremy has the older 2 kids at the store buying valentine's so I only have one kid to take care of.  Just one kid.  It should be easy at least in comparison to what I'm used to. 

First of all I parked too close to the garage door.  My garage door is broke so I have to park in the driveway which is covered in snow.  I made the poor decision of wearing flats today with thin socks.  This does not work well when walking through snow.  I really don't know what I was thinking.  I also had about 4 loads of things to bring in from my car from a lunch we hosted at work today.  I tried to squeeze between the garage door and my car.  It worked.  Not well. But it worked. 

First load: Will on one hip, keys in my hand, paper bag full of bowls and utensils in the other hand.  Got to the door.  Couldn't figure out how to unlock the door with no free hands.  Ice/snow from the roof is starting to melt and dripping huge drops on both of our heads.  Had to shove Will against the door and hold him with my hip while I fumbled for the keys.  I couldn't set the paper bag down in the snow (duh) so I also tried to prop it up with my hip.  It didn't go well.  Dog barking from inside.  Bag slipping.  Will slipping.  Dog still barking.  Finally got into the house.

I set Will down and headed out for load #2.  Took a different route this time and went behind the car.  I slipped on the ice. Didn't fall though. Came in with load #2.  Oops.  I forgot to shut the gate and Will was halfway up the stairs.  Sadly, in my mind I thought "well at least he was still in his big winter coat so if he fell while I was outside it probably would have broke his fall." 

Load #3 and #4 because like pretty much everyone I refuse to take more trips than necessary so I loaded myself up with everything I possibly could and made one more trek through the snow covered driveway and steps into the house.  Got almost to the door and the paper bag with my bowls in it ripped and all of the glass bowls go crashing to the sidewalk.  I can't believe none of them broke.  the snow must have broken their fall.  As I get inside I see that Will has now made his way up onto our couch, which he has never done before.  I realize now that one of his toys is close enough to use as a stepping stool onto the couch.  Once again, crisis averted as I was able to grab him before he fell/jumped off.  Of course, he was still in his coat so again I'm thinking it might break the fall a bit. 

After I went outside and gathered the various bowls and lids off of the front steps, I came in to this:

Now, if he could only learn how to fix me dinner we would really be in business!!!