the boys

the boys

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oh Well, Better Luck Next Year

I am constantly disappointing myself. OK that's not even true.  I am mostly amused by things I do that should disappoint me.  Here's just a few examples from this weekend of why my bid for Mother of the Year is slowly slipping from my grasp yet again. 

1.  Upon finding three different kinds of food in Will's hair this morning during church I found myself wondering when was the last time I gave him a bath.  And I couldn't remember. I literally could not remember the last time I gave the kid a bath.  If memory serves me correctly Jeremy gave him one on Thursday night while I was at the gym working out.  Seriously I was.  So Thursday night to Sunday morning.  In 100 degree heat.  Well, he's clean now so that's all that really matters.   Reason I might still be in the running for MOTY:  I took them to church. 

2.  I have consistently demonstrated to my children that procrastination is acceptable.  We did Justin's homework 10 minutes before bedtime tonight.  Reason I'm still in the running:  We actually did his homework

3.  While doing the aforementioned homework with Justin I convinced Leo his very helpful role could be rubbing my feet.  Reason I'm still in the running:  I'm teaching him to be attentive to the women in his life (I realize I might be stretching it a little on that one).

4.  I let Leo wear this out of the house today.  To one of Justin's friend's house.  That we don't even know that well.  But one of her kids has answered the door in his underwear so I think we're still cool. 
 yes, that is a child's three piece suit minus one of the pieces.....oh, and the shirt.  
Reason I am still in the running: I didn't let him wear it to church like he really, really, really wanted to.