the boys

the boys

Monday, May 27, 2013

Who says I don't look like Brooke Shields?

It's been over 2 months since my last blog post.  Life has been busy.  I try desperately to get some time set aside to post and I have a few started but just can't seem to get them finished. For months I have been thinking of this great idea for a post and today I took the time to put it together.  It was sooooooo worth it.  I am certain, without a doubt, that you will enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

It will be hard not to focus on my clothing because it, in and of itself, is rather entertaining.  But try your hardest to stay focused on the ever changing hairdo's.  Some pictures you won't be able to help yourself from staring at it.   Some pictures you won't be able to peel your eyes away from it.  While others you will try to avoid looking at it straight on.  I can't say I blame you. 

I feel certain that God has given me boys because he knows it would be a sin for me to put girls though anything remotely similar.  Mind you, I don't blame my mother.  Most of the time this was my idea. 

It all started back in 1977.  Such a sweet little baby girl with blond hair.

Gettin' my tap dancin' on with my saddle oxfords. 

And hair got darker.  And for some reason that required a bowl cut.  And I just wanted to be like my daddy.

Who knows what my hair looked like at Pre-School.  I am pretty sure it never came out of that hood.  Apparently I was the only one bracing for a snow storm (that's me on the top right). 

Oh, there's my hair.  Perfectly curled under for 1st day of Kindergarten. 
And then......brace yourselves.  I found the joy of perms.  Enter:  the Afro stage! 
Now this next picture is my absolute favorite.  Let me set the stage for you.  It has to have been around 1984.  Someone was taking "professional" photos at Hales Market....because that is a perfectly normal place to have your photos taken.  Next to the bread and cereal aisle.  I had recently seen a picture of Brooke Shields smiling with her mouth open.  I thought she was beautiful!  I was certain that I could match it.  Positive I looked just like her.  If your opinion differs and you think that I am NOT her spitting image please just keep those thoughts to yourself. So here is my very best Brooke Shields look.   Brace yourself. 
And I rocked that fro all the way into 2nd grade.  

And then something happened in 3rd grade.  Perhaps we were poor that year.  No money for perms.  So same hairdo, minus the tight curls. 

 But that was too hair needs some BODY to it!  I don't know where it came from but somehow, somewhere, someone invented this little Mary Lou Retton do with a twist.....flip up all of the ends into a bell shaped NIGHTMARE!!!!

Although it worked perfect for the ring of flowers that I wore as flower girl at Karol and Peter's wedding!  

And here it all it's glory....year after year....(5th grade)

after year.....oh yes, add some glasses.....that makes it all better! 

after year.....I am pretty sure this is my first day of 7th grade.  I'm sure I fit right in moving from Covel D Searcy Elementary in Gallatin to Raytown Middle School.  (nice Holly Hobby bed spread)

OHHHHH, it wasn't enough to take one school picture this year (7th grade).  I had to do it twice.  Once in Gallatin so they could be ordered with my sister's pictures to give to all of the grandparents aunt's and uncles....and then another one at my actual school.  This stage in my life was so worth capturing twice.  UGH!!!!

So this morning I pulled out the picture on the left and asked the boys "Who is this?"  They pondered and pondered.  They could not figure it out.  I so badly wish I had the camera on when I told them it was me.  They had the most horrified looks on their sweet little faces.  Justin insisted it could not be me because the picture is "a boy." 

BUT, when I turned the page of the photo album to this little gem of a picture Justin said "Ok, that one looks like you" 

Ok, enough of the short hair. It was finally time to grow it out.  Please just focus on the hair and try your hardest to ignore the Hammer pants.  
9th grade.  Contacts.  Braces.  Letting the curls go natural finally. 

Longest my hair has ever been. 

But then it would smack me in the face when I went upside down.....soooooo......

It was back to short hair for Senior Pictures.  Pretty sure I capture all requirements in these photos.  Standard blazer for formal picture.  Vest and jeans for outdoor picture.  And sexpot/lay on one arm/twist head in awkward position trying to look good picture.  

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