the boys

the boys

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Justin's one-liners

Justin is always rollin' with the one-liners. He cracks me up pretty much every day and Leo is not far behind! His language is catching up fast and then I will really have my hands full! Just a few examples from tonight:

Justin is in bitty basketball for 3 and 4 year olds at our local Y and it's hilarious on so many, many levels! tonight he is standing with his hands in the air when his team is on defence, although it's obvious he has no idea why his hands are actually in the air. He is simply just following directions :) So he looks over and shouts "MOM. I LOVE YOU" It was so cute!

When we got in the car after basketball I asked him what was his favorite part. He said "I liked following directions" what else? "getting in the car" what else "being nice" So I asked him what he liked about basketball tonight and he said "Um, the passing."

Then we get home and he is being silly and whacks his head on the table next to my chair. He immediately starts bawling and freaking out. I looked at his head to assess the injury and there was a cut that was bleeding. I said "Justin is this where you hit your head?" His response, "You better believe it, Mom!"

And my favorite of the evening: I told him that I would read him a book before bed like we do every night. He asked if it can be a small, medium, or large book and I told him it was his choice tonight. So we read a big book, of course. I tried to skip a few pages because it was a seek and find but he caught me and wanted to finish all of it. He was really dragging out this one book. I tried again to skip a page (it's a really long book so give me a break here!) and he freaked out again. So I let him look over it one more time. When we were done I asked him to go put the book away so we could go brush his teeth. He says "Ummmmmm. Well Mom, it's WAY past my bed time so I really don't think I can do that tonight. You better do it!" Jeremy and I were cracking up!!! What a little manipulator!!!!

Keeps us on our toes for sure!

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