the boys

the boys

Monday, July 19, 2010

Not quite what I had planned...

Soooooo I had good intentions. I really did. I thought my meeting today was going to last all day, but I pushed through lunch and I was done by about 1pm. And as luck would have it our babysitter was off today so Jeremy was home with the kids. So I came up with the grand idea to take the afternoon off and do a little family outing. And that, my good friends, is where our luck ended.

I decided that we should go see the dinosaur exhibit at Union Station. I checked out the price of tickets and they are reasonable for 2 adults. I figured Justin could still pass for 2 years old and I'm pretty sure this whole day was karma coming back to bite me for lying about his age! Or at least planning to lie. We never got that far!

Even the trip to Union Station was marred by about three U-turns, some choice words from Jeremy to another driver, and 2 different parking lots before we paid $2 to finally park. We unload the kids and the stroller and head inside. About 10 steps into the door we find out that the dino exhibit isn't even open today. CLOSED ON MONDAYS. But we hear that you can see one of them through the window so we go ahead and take the elevator down to check it out. The boys LOVE it. So we head back upstairs and there is one on display in the lobby area. We go over to it and it moves/roars when someone walks by. The kids do a total freak out. Seriously. Leo's face is frozen. Mouth open. Eyebrows furrowed. He is completely frozen in fear. He's trapped in his stroller and can't escape. Can't even get a squeal out. He finally musters a small "bye-bye" as in "Get me the heck out of here!!!"

Justin on the other hand can do both talk and move. He looks a little like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone except his hands are over his ears instead of his cheeks. I don't think he took his hands off his ears for about 5 minutes. And he is slowly backing away begging it to stop. So enough of that. We are outta there.

So we haul back to the car. Did I mention that the heat index today is over 100 degrees? Have you met my husband? He has a permanent human sweater! So I know that if I'm already sweating, it's not going well for him. I still think we can salvage the afternoon by doing something fun with the kids INDOORS. We decide to head over to the T-Rex restaurant at the Legends in Kansas. Sticking with the dinosaur theme. We've never been there. Surely they will enjoy it.

We roll up to the Legends and navigate our way through about 250 high school softball players to make our way into T-Rex. Justin is LOVING the outside. Not so much on the inside. As soon as we walk in there is a huge T-Rex (hence the name) towering over us. They both do the big freak out again. We spend about 5 minutes there walking around the little store and looking at a fish tank trying to see if they will calm down. We sit down to try and eat but it's a no go. Every time something roars or moves, both of them dive into our laps, slap their hands over their ears, and beg to go home. So we leave.

Back into the heat. Walk to the car. Decided to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart to check out a big boy bed for Leo. That lasts about another 5 minutes before we look over and Justin has Leo pinned to the floor with his knee in his back and Leo is squealing. Not to be outdone, Leo shimmy's out of the maneuver to stand up and give Justin a huge smack to the back of the head. And we're done here.

Back into the heat. I still haven't had lunch. I'm getting slightly cranky. Against my better judgement I suggest Culver's. So we go inside, suck down 3 1/2 gallons of grease and get back into the car to finally head home. I'm sick to my stomach both from the grease and the fact that our afternoon was a total bust. I start to get the giggles about it. But soon enough the giggles turn into tears. I am suddenly half laughing/half bawling my eyes out. Jeremy kinda gets freaked out. He tries to make me feel better by getting Justin to tell me he had a good time. But all Justin will say is "not really." Which only makes me laugh/cry harder. Jeremy keeps his hand on my leg for the rest of the way home. Not sure if he was just being sweet or was afraid I might try to jump out of the moving car. Pretty sure it's the former.

We've been home now for 50 minutes. And I am NOT making this up: Justin is playing with his toy dinosaurs!!!

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