the boys

the boys

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Justin

I came across this today. I'm so glad I wrote it down or I never would have remembered all 3 verses. When Justin was an infant and I was still home on maternity leave, I made up this little song to sing to him while he was nursing. When he would get fussy anywhere I would just start singing this song and he would quiet right down. The tune is Mr. Sandman

Baby Justin, it’s time to eat
Mama’s got your milk, now isn’t that neat?
As you eat, you’ll keep on growin’
Before you know it daddy’ll have you mowin’

Baby Justin, it’s time for lunch
Mama feeds you ‘cause she loves you a bunch;
And when your done, you’ll be so happy
And you’ll be ready to take a nappy

Baby Justin, it’s your favorite meal
Mommy and baby are keepin’ it real;
All this milk is makin’ you chunky
And it makes your poop smell real funky

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