the boys

the boys

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Fish Weren't Biting

Well, it's March 18th.  Mid-March in Missouri is usually quite cool.  An occasional snow storm, maybe some thunderstorms or God forbid tornadoes.  But we have experienced some unusually warm weather this March.  Several days in the 80's this week. 

Today we went to Mimi and Pappaw's house.  It was a nice afternoon to fish.  But the fish weren't biting.  So what better to do than start dipping our toes into the ice cold lake water!

and then a little more than our toes...a little splashing around!

And then what the heck.....why not just enjoy ourselves!

and if that isn't enough, why not just pour some water ON ourselves!

This continued on with all of the kids pouring ice cold water on themselves and each other.  Fortunately no one asked to start this years first cannonball contest.  Regardless, Mandi and I figured we better draw straws on who will stay home with 5 sick kids this week....but what the heck...they enjoyed it!! 


ps.  Ellie, we forbid you to get into the water until at least June! 

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