the boys

the boys

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Had A Dream

I had a dream.  And like most dreams, it was weird.  You know how dreams tend to mesh different areas of your life into totally awkward events.  Well, that's pretty much what happened here. 

I will also start by saying that I often have recurring dreams.  Like a ton of them.  It  probably means I'm slightly mental.  Big shocker there.  I dream I can fly.  I dream about gymnastics CONSTANTLY!  I have a scary dentist dream from my childhood.  Another one about someone robbing our grocery store when I was little.  Seriously, it's annoying. 

But anyway, one of my recurring dreams is that I have to start attending Gallatin High School in the middle of the school year and I have no idea what to do.  I don't know where my classes are.  I don't know what time lunch starts.  I can't find my locker.  On and on.  It's funny to me because had I graduated in my home town of Gallatin I would have made somewhere around the 30th student in our graduating class.  But instead I moved away from home to do gymnastics and attended Raytown High School where we had over 300 kids in our graduating class.  RHS vs. GHS.....and attending GHS is what makes me anxious enough to have recurring dreams?  Whatever.  Like I said, I'm one foot in the loony bin anyway.

Another thing that I should preface this dream with is that Jeremy is currently working for his Uncle Kent in a bike building assembly business for Wal-mart.  Therefore, he and Kent talk about 25 times a day.  Sometimes I think they are texting each other while talking to each other on the phone.  So basically Kent has emerged as an important person in our life these last few months and he is rewarded with a bit part in the dream.  I am sure he is pleased. 

Soooo....the dream:  It's morning in G-town.  First day of 12th grade.  Time for ol' Gwennie to catch the bus.  Well, lookie here.  Who is driving the bus?  It's Kent.  (I guess there were not any bikes to build that day).  He pulls up in front of 708 (my childhood home) and honks the horn for me to hurry up.....because that's what bus drivers did when I was young.  So I hop on the bus and guess who else is there?  Kent's wife, Debbie.  Apparently in dreamland she rides the bus as some sort of Bus Mother to keep the kids in line.
Dangit!  I forgot to bring Justin for his first day of Kindergarten!  (the anxiety of getting him signed up for Kindergarten is clearly weighing on me.)   I was completely stressed out that I am a horrible mother and he is missing his first day of Kindergarten.  So as we pulled into Covel D. Searcy Elementary school to drop off the elementary kids I shouted at Mrs. Houghton to ask when Kindergarten starts.  She checked for me and it didn't start until tomorrow.

Whew!!!  (Anxiety much?)


  1. You make me feel like I am Freddie Kreuger or some type of Stephen King character out of one of his novels! Tonight I will be back in your dream little girl! Except, it's going to be a nightmare and I will be dragging you on to the bus with my wicked wife Nurse Debbie! "Want some candy? Then take a step up and on to the bus from hell!" Whoooaahahahahahahah!

  2. Oh, reeeeeeal nice Kent! I never said you were a scary bus driver. I believe you took on that persona all on your own! :)