the boys

the boys

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back to Blogging

What better way to get back into blogging by than simply repeating the hilarious things I hear in my house every day.  Instead of trying to draw out my own creativity I will rely on the best two imaginations I know: Justin and Leo. 

I am loving having a 3 year old and soon to be 5 year old.  Most days.  Lately they have been even funnier than usual and I wish I had more time to blog all of their funny moments, but I do have a full time job that takes up a good bit of my time these days.

Leo is getting more animated by the minute.  Despite his tendency to be a teensy bit high strung, he is cracking us up on a daily basis.  His thoughts come in jumbled, hard to understand, erratic, squished together sentences.  For example tonight he ran up the stairs to give me the following burst of info "I need my monkey pajamas, can I have some bubble gum, can I watch a movie...." and a host of other questions/recommendations that I didn't quite catch.  

Leo is OBSESSED with his monkey pajamas.  He talks about them as soon as he comes in the door from daycare.  Last night he nearly lost his mind because we carried clean laundry up from downstairs and he thought it meant that they were not washed.  I mean, there was a serious meltdown brewing before I produced the beloved jammies.  Tonight he got them from his room as soon as he got home and set them by my recliner in anticipation of putting them on later.  After dinner he picked up his plate and promptly stripped to his skivvies in the living room prepared to change into his jammies.  As I type he is sitting on the stairs lamenting that he cannot put them on yet because we haven't had baths.  Because we are waiting on Justin to finish his dinner.  As usual.

So while Leo talks a mile a minute and slips into panic/freak out mode at the first sign of something not going his way, his older brother is playing it mellow these days.  Thoughtful, chillin', and forever funny.  Hilarious as usual.  Here is a rundown of his one-liners in the last two days:

"Leo keeps punking my funking out"  I have no idea what it means but it was in a context of Leo bugging him so I have to assume it means Leo is annoying him. 

"Gwen, sometimes I will call you Mom and stuff.  Because that's cool.  Sometimes.  It's how I roll."  I mean if that doesn't sound like his dad I don't know what does.

When I gave him a blank stare tonight when he was being silly, Justin looked straight at me and said "Sooo, no sense of humor tonight, huh?"  It's hard not to laugh at that!

"It's ok Saydie (the dog).  I know I stayed gone a long time yesterday.  I promise I won't just play a lot of puzzles today. (we stayed late at daycare last night while the boys worked on some puzzles)  I'll come home fast.  I know you miss me so much when I am gone.  Don't cry Saydie.  I come back every day.  I won't stay gone a long time.  I will always come home."  And while this was funny in itself, the best part is that while he was cooing and petting Saydie he was also watching himself in my full length mirror.  He rarely took his eyes off himself.  The vanity was overwhelming......also something he likely gets from his father :)

My favorite Leo quotes this week have been when I tried to get him to sound out his "s" for scrape and he decided he couldn't so he just said "ssssssss  boo boo." 

And then tonight he called me a crackerhead, which I am pretty sure seems like a racist comment but I'm going to give him a pass for right now and just see how his ability to appreciate cultural diversity pans out.  Fingers crossed I don't have a little bigot on my hands!

Here's Leo after bath...happy in his monkey jammies!  I don't know how I keep myself from constantly squeezing his cheeks!!!

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