the boys

the boys

Monday, February 6, 2012

Funny, Dunny, and Their Friend Star Wars

These two lucky toys are Justin's new best friends.  He sleeps with them every night.  They are toys from Wacky Packs which in case you don't know is Sonic's version of the Happy Meal.  I'm sure Sonic really appreciates that comparison.

Anyway, Justin scored two of them because Leo didn't want his. I guess Leo's too good for a plastic toy that doesn't do anything.  But not Justin.  He's got that wonderful imagination that makes two mini Route 44's his new best friends.   He has slept with them for the past 4 nights.  And not just slept with them in his bed, but has totally spooned them as much as a four year old can spoon two 2-inch toys. 

Saturday morning I was woken up by Justin peering at me from the side of the bed while holding them in front of his face.  And he says,

"Mom, meet Funny and Dunny.  Dunny was cranky last night so he had to sleep in the toy (a batman vehicle) so he wouldn't keep me and Funny awake all night.  We needed our sleep."

"Say cheese, Funny and Dunny!"

Then later in the day he says to them, "Don't be sad, Funny and Dunny.  Are you sad because we are going to the Harlem Globetrotters?  Don't be sad.  We will be back.  They are just funny basketball guys.  Oh yes, sir, they are." 

Tonight, Funny and Dunny met Star Wars.  They have become good friends!

Leo told me that he wishes Funny and Dunny would "say underpants because that would be so funny!  But they can't say poop or pee or butt.  That would be bad and they would have to go to time out.  I have to go to time out if I say butt." 

Never a dull moment in the O'Brien household!!

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