the boys

the boys

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Having My Cake and Eating It Too

My mama always told me to have my cake and eat it too.  It's the golden rule.  You might think the golden rule is to do unto others as you want to be done to you.  Not in our house. 

Last night I failed my mother. 

We all know that mothers tend to exhaust themselves taking care of their children and leave self-care as our very last duty.  The concept of securing your own oxygen mask before assisting your child is sometimes lost on us.  We go, go, go.  Serve, serve, serve.  Putting aside our own needs and wants.  Failing to fit a shower into your day when caring for a crying infant.  Never getting to go to the bathroom in peace without children pounding on the door with their immediate needs.  Going all out for their birthday's while insisting you don't need presents for your own.  Letting them have the last bite.  Putting aside your own desperate  need for sleep so they can crawl into bed at 4 am because he had a dream that the doctor was going to take all of his eyelashes out (don't ask!).  The list could go on and on. 

So back to having my cake and eating it to and how I have failed miserably to do so.  Yesterday was Leo's birthday party.

I ordered the cake.  I paid for the cake.  I picked the cake up from the store.  I sent my husband back home to get candles for the cake.  I took the cake out of the box.  I took pictures of the cake.  I cut the cake.  I served the cake.  I cut myself a slice of cake.  But then i failed.  I had my cake.....but I did not eat it too! 

I got sidetracked.  Leo was looking so cute with his balloon that I wanted pictures of it.  Then we went on to opening gifts.  Then more pictures.  Clean up.  Extra cake went back in the box.  My piece was eaten by a 10 month old (which is fine!).  More playing in the bouncy houses.  Lots of goodbye's.  Jeremy packed everything up in the car before I could get even a small bite.  Then out to dinner and home to open gifts. 

Lots of continued distractions that prevented my re-entry into the kitchen.  I actually FORGOT the cake was in there.  For this, I am filled with shame.  Now, mind you, I did snag a quick bite of mocha cookie dough from the fridge on my way to bed.  I didn't go completely without.  I wouldn't want you to worry about me. 
It's 9 am.  And I will now have my cake and eat it too.  Hopefully. 

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