the boys

the boys

Monday, April 25, 2011

Not the Easter Bunny's finest moment

Spoiler alert for all people ages 10 and under:  I play the role of the Easter Bunny in this story!

The flu hit our house on Easter weekend.  Makes me so sad.  I love Easter church masses and was really looking forward to a day with my family!  But alas, it was not to be. 

After 2 full days of the boys with the flu, Easter Eve started with a 9:30 pm phone call from Jeremy.  He was at work and trying to convince himself that his stomach ache was from the hamburger he ate at dinner.  Nevermind the fact that he had stayed up all night on Thursday with a vomiting child and then spent the entire day on Friday with 2 sick boys.  Yeah sure honey.  It's probably the hamburger.

Sure enough, 11:30 pm rolls around and he is doubled over in pain.  Can barely stop upchucking long enough to tell me he's on his way home.  He made the drive home and arrived just after midnight.  Happy Easter.

Now it's 4 am.  Leo wakes up having thrown up in bed again.  We go through the now very familiar routine of clean up, so much so that he is telling me what to do step by step.  I have no idea where he gets his bossy side!

And now it's Easter morning.  My grand plan had been for Jeremy to hide all candy/eggs when he arrived home from work.  Clearly that wasn't happening.  As the boys made their way upstairs as they do every morning, I rolled over in bed only to discover that I, too, have a little bit of a rumble in the belly going on.  Well, that's just freaking great!  All possible Easter Bunny's are down for the count.  But I must pull through. 

I head downstairs under the guise of getting their morning juice.  With each step my stomach is turning.  I finally make it downstairs where I open 2 bags of candy and decide to just throw them in some piles on the living room floor.  Then I grab their Easter baskets that I had made the night before, position them on the couch, grab their juices and head back upstairs. 

I make the grand announcement that the Easter Bunny has arrived to which Justin replies "Oh, I bet he put out our eggs that we colored last night."  Well, son of a bunny!!!  I forgot the darned colored eggs! 

I might be sick but I can still think on my feet (plus my sick kids were a little slow on the uptake).  I told him that I should go down by myself and check.  I hurried....ok, that's a lie....I made my way downstairs holding my stomach.  Grabbed 6 of their eggs and put them on the living room floor with the rest of the piles.  The smell sent me over the edge.  This time before I went back up I grabbed the ol' puke bucket.  It wasn't looking good at this point.

The boys come downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny has delivered.  Nothing was hidden.  Just sitting there in plain site.  Not a plastic egg to be found!  They could have cared less.  Thank goodness for low expectations.  They ran right past all of the candy and straight to their baskets.  As they reveled in their gifts, I sat on the bottom step of our stairs holding tight to the puke bucket, just praying I could at least see them through this part of the morning. 

Then from upstairs in the spare bedroom I hear Jeremy yelling for me.  He is sicker than a dog and has a list of things he needs from me including water, toilet paper, and I'm not sure what else because instead of helping I just yelled back at him that I am sick too and I'm trying to watch the kids do their Easter morning stuff.  Such a lovely wife. 

Halfway through the boys going through their baskets I remember that I should be capturing this fine minute on film.  I grabbed our camera, laid on a throw pillow on the floor and took a few pictures. 

What a bummer of an Easter morning for me, but clearly the boys never noticed the difference!! 

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