the boys

the boys

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Judge much?

I am a big fan of judging people.  yup.  I said it.  Love to get all up in the business of others and make my ever so expert  judgement on if they are making the right decision for their lives.  Fortunately, I found a job that allows me to do just that.  I mean we call it "assessing" in the biz, but really it's just judging.  But have no fear, I also excel in this skill outside of work.  I mean no harm in it.  It's just something to pass my time.  I can honestly say I do it with no ill intent whatsoever.  Just good old fashion judging.

But I'm totally cool with people judging me.  I'm not stupid.  I know it happens.  Everyone has an opinion about everything.  For example, there are some out there in this cruel, cruel world that will judge me for having Lucky Charms for dinner tonight.  Oh yes ma'am I did.  I gained those 5 lbs right back after my flu.  So go ahead and talk about that over coffee tomorrow morning.  AND Jeremy just forced me to make cookies tonight.  I didn't plan on it.  Ok, so I did already have a spoonful of cookie dough, but I was NOT planning on going the extra step and actually baking cookies.  Lazy?  Maybe. Want to judge me for that?  That's cool.  I won't hate on ya.  (I have no idea why I had to go ghetto at the end there...I guess you can judge that too.)  While you are judging me, I'm eating warm cookies.  SNAP!

You know what else? I give in to my kids all the time.  Little Miss Hard Ass at work is just a push-over in my own home.  Full disclosure:  I might be a push over at work sometimes too.  Judge much?

I let my kids come up to my bed.  I know. I'm a rebel.  I'm super crazy like that!  I used to be one of the people that judged parents for letting their toddlers and young children sleep in their bed.  I was all "that is so wrong" and "those kids will never learn to sleep by themselves" and "that's not healthy for parents or children."  But, don't knock it 'till you try it right?  I am somehow blessed with children that love to cuddle in my bed with me, but then also love to go to their own beds when it comes down to time to actually go to sleep.  God I love those boys!!  The very last words I heard on Mother's Day were from Justin as he climbed out of my bed, pausing, and telling me in his most serious voice "Mom, thank you so much for always taking care of me.  I love you.  And you know what, Mom?  We are a family.  And we have to stick together and always be kind to each other." 

So do I judge the cheesy cartoon that taught him these sappy comments? I do not.  I just soak it in.  Every little minute of it.  Don't judge me.  Ok, go ahead.....

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