the boys

the boys

Monday, May 16, 2011

J is for Jeremy

Jeremy so desperately wants me to write a blog about him.  Be careful what you wish for, honey!!!  This is just a start.  You may have opened the floodgates.  I have SO many good stories to tell!

J is for Jersey Shore and all of the other trashy TV that you watch.

E is for enormous.  And I am talking about your enormous heart.  Get your mind out of the gutter!

R is for "rocking out" which is what you and the boys do in the car to annoy and amuse me all at the same time

E is for eager to please because you always are

M is for the monkey paw you give me every time you get the chance

Y is for the yummy sauce you make for our salmon dinners

K is for kisses.  Big smooches to you, honey!!

E is for eagle ears that can hear my mumbles anywhere in the house but yet have no idea what I am saying when I am 2 feet from you

V is for the vacuum that you use WAY more than I ever do

I is for the i-phone which is how you will read this blog

N is for needy which you are, and I'm a good balance overall!

O is for all of the work that you do Outside while I am a wimp and stay inside in the air conditioning. 

B is for buns because you have the cutest ones and I just wanna smack them everytime I walk by

R is for rubbing my feet which you do often

I is for the "I do's" that we said almost 5 years ago

E is for the earring that you finally removed after we had been dating for about a year

N is for the Nutcracker Ballet that we went to when we were first dating and you asked me when the actors would start talking.  Still one of my favorite dates....right up until the time that you tore your ACL and had to have surgery the next week. 

Love you!!!

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  1. so sweet!! my J won't let me write a blog post about him :)