the boys

the boys

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, well, well.  People report being entertained by my report of life events and I do so love to here goes.

I was THIS close to having time to get on Facebook this morning with the intention of posting the following "It's gonna be a good day!  Both boys slept through the night for the first time in over 2 weeks!  Bring on Thursday."  I was up early, ahead of schedule, just rockin' and rollin'.  Tomorrow is a state holiday and I am determined to lock myself in my office and knock out some work so I don't have to spend Friday working.

Oh what's this?  A screaming child?  Oh what?  Two of them?  Right, right.  This seems familiar.  I was able to wrangle them back in fairly quickly with the promise of a sticker for the sticker chart if they put coats and shoes on without incident.  So a slight hiccup in the morning routine did not allow for the FB post.  I should have known it was a sign of what was to come....

Work.  What does one say about work today?  Crisis, after crisis, after crisis.  Of course I can't share details due to confidentiality so instead I will focus on my amazing staff.  They were hit with one thing after another today.  Drug exposed infants, high as a kite parents, parents admittedly "on the run" from us to avoid responsibilities, parents being arrested for failing to protect their children from harm, medically fragile child, parent/child visits, tracking down a teenage runaway, the list goes on.  I find myself to be in the lucky position of sitting in my office fielding questions and offering advice instead of actually having to scramble out into the big bad world and chase down families. Our front line workers are the real heroes today.  They worked their tails off and worked together for the better of all.  What more could I ask for?

I was out of there by 5 pm on the dot...which is more than I can say for at least 3 of my staff who were still out and about in the community.  I was off to Bitty Baseball with both boys.  And if I thought the work day was interesting, the best was still to come.  My phone is already ringing with after hours work crisis.  I am trying to wrestle the kids out of their coats while staffing a case on the phone.  Then I realize the baseball glove is still in the car and it's 10 degrees outside so no easy task to get everyone back in their coats to run outside.  So I load up Leo on my hip, shove his hat on  his head, tell Justin's coach to watch him for minute, and run outside for the glove.  Fortunately Leo was thrilled with me racing through the parking lot bouncing him on my hip. 

Back inside, I field two more work calls and find myself huddled on the top bleacher as far into the corner as possible with one ear on the phone and my finger in my other ear trying to staff out crisis.  And keep my eyes on the boys.  All in a day's work.

OK, time for baseball to start.  Justin is doing his thing while Leo is running around like a wild banshee....shocking I know.  He is running through the group of boys who are learning how to play catch.  I warned him once to go around behind them.  Did he listen?  He did not.  So he streaks across the court one more time and POW!!  He gets popped upside the head with the (soft) baseball.  Seriously.  It hit him right in the cheek.  The mother of the kid that threw it turns to look at me in panic and I just give her a quick smile.  As I expected, Leo barely even notices, shakes it off, and keeps running.  That's my boy! 

Justin finishes up with baseball and we head home.  Very much worth the money.  He has a great time and Leo burns off some...OK a lot...of energy.  Time for dinner, bath, books, and bed.  At this point I'm on autopilot. 

What's that?  The doorbell?  Are you freaking kidding me?  Oh, Schwann's man.  And a new Schwann's man.  About our 3rd one in 9 months.  Must be a stellar job.  Sure Schwann's guy, here's my life savings.  Load me up with some pre-made food so that I never have to cook again.  Yes, please.  And the one thing I make sure to order?  Frozen chocolate chip cookie dough because I am too lazy to even make my own cookies.  And this is JUST what I need tonight after the kids go to bed.  Thanks Schwann's guy...for NOTHING!  He freaking gave me cookie dough ice cream!  Did I say ice cream?  Did the words ice or cream ever come out of my mouth?  I'm going with NO.  I wanted cookie DOUGH.  DOUGH, you dumbass.  Big hunks of raw cookie dough that I can cook at my leisure and eat warm.  Son of a....

Whatev....on to baths.  clothes off.  potty.  in bath.  Leo, what's with that face?  ARE YOU POOPING IN THE BATHTUB????  Oh, yes, yes, yes.  That is what happened.  I can't make this crap up (no pun intended).  So my 2 year old who has been fully potty trained for over 4 months now decides to drop one in the tub.  Out come the boys.  Out come the toys.  They stand by while water drains and I fish out poop.  Leo finishes on the potty.  Oh wait.  What's this?  I forgot the toilet is broke so it won't flush now.  SUPER!

So now the tub is re-filling with water.  And while the poop is gone, there is still some sock and toe jam fuzz floating around in the fresh water.  Don't act like this doesn't happen at your house!  Leo is screaming that it's poop and I'm thinking "buddy, if anyone should be screaming here it's me.  But do you see me screaming?  You do not."   Justin tells him "Don't worry Leo.  Mom will take care of it.  She takes care of everything.  She is the dult (adult)." 

Right.  I got it boys.  You just sit back and relax.  I've got it all under control.....except for the damn cookies.  That, I cannot get over. But I embrace the craziness....and grab a pen and paper to make notes for this blog. 

Some people call this chaos.  I call it Thursday.  Good night Peeps!


  1., all I can say is...wouldn't a little sister be a nice distration for the boys?

  2. yes, that would be perfect...or a boy...might as well just add to the craziness! All in good time!