the boys

the boys

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sing us the song you're the Piano Man...

I often look at my boys and wonder what they will be like as teenagers.  Or even worse, pre-teens.  Not so much their attitudes and misbehavior (gasp!).  But rather what those awkward years will be like.  Perhaps because, like most of us, I am still haunted by my awkward teenage years. 

One particular awkward tween moment came back to me today as I drove home during Snowpocolypse 2011.  Billy Joel's Piano Man was on the radio.  It took me back.....back to the good ol' days.  I had the cassette tape.  Oh yes, ma'am, I did.  And I can't ever hear that song without thinking of Mark Hemry. 

I'm going to guess that I was about 13 years old....which in gymanst years is about 10 years old because not only does gymnastics stunt your growth it also stunts your social maturity because you spend every waking moment in a gym instead of doing normal childhood and teenage activities.

Oh, but I was COOOOOL!  Or at least I thought. (I was wrong, btw).  So after I listened to my tape of Piano Man about a million times (you are welcome, mom) I bragged to my sister's boyfriend that I knew all of the words.  Ohhhhh, I know you are all jealous.

Enter one, Mark Hemry.  My older sister's even older boyfriend.....who just so happens to now be my brother-in-law.  Who wouldda thunk it?  So if I was 13, going on 10, I'm guessing Marky was about 17 going on 22. 

So it went something like this:
Me: Hey, Mark.  Want to hear me sing all the words to Piano Man?

Mark: Sure (I have no idea what he must have been thinking but he was throwing me a bone by even entertaining the idea)

Me:  Ok. 
[key up the cassette tape].

Me: Well, it's 12:00 on a Saturday...oh crap I messed up already.

Mark just walked away. 

Ouch, that stings.

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