the boys

the boys

Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I heard today.

* Did you forget daycare was closed today?- Ellan, after I turned up at her door with 2 children

* Not on the wall!  Not on the wall! -Jeremy to Leo after he gave him the small hammer

* after smiles and an "I love you" Mom, I colored on the plate.  Justin

* I neeeeeed my mommy -Leo, of course

* I'm really tired of picking up toys -Justin

* Well, maybe you should be paying attention so you don't do that! -Justin to me after I accidentally erased one of the Batman cartoons from our DVR

* What a BUMMER! -Leo while he stamps his foot on the ground

* Nuthin' but bones. Nuthin' -Justin's  new favorite phrase.  Not sure where he learned it.

* I locked my f***ing keys in my car!  I'm pretty sure we all know who said this :)

* Can we watch Pirates of the Quesadilla? -Justin

* What's for dinner? (and various other funny questions) - about 15 of my friends who agreed to go along with my little joke on Jeremy and call him within a span of about 30 minutes to ask what he was making for dinner while I was at gymnastics with Leo. 

* Guys.  It's a secret.  I am Batman.  No one can know.  Have we got ourselves a plan? - whispered by Justin at dinner

* Wait for it.  Wait for it.  -Justin


  1. too funny! your kids are hilarious :) and your request for a random question was timed perfectly, we were done with everything here and ready for a lighthearted moment :)

  2. I wish our superheroes could meet.

  3. oh me too Lisa!!!! Hope you are feeling well in these last few days pre-baby :) Can't wait to see pics.

  4. and Liz....glad the timing worked out for you. it was pretty funny!