the boys

the boys

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sixteen things I've done today

because I'm sure everyone is sitting around on this cold Sunday morning wondering what I am's a run down thus far.
  1. silently cursed the children for playing with Jeremy's alarm clock
  2. loudly cursed the alarm clock when it went off at 5 am
  3. laundry
  4. watched 10 minutes of 90210.  Poor Dylan.  He had it rough.
  5. sent a FB congrats to Jeremy's cousins on their new bundle of joy!!
  6. watched the last half of Knocked Up and considered being such....decided against it after the labor scene
  7. had a mimosa
  8. had some eggs Benedict and lobster bisque among other things at Granite City brunch with my hubby
  9. had another mimosa
  10. convinced my wonderful and giving husband to pump my gas in 20 degree weather
  11. bought some ice melt and threw in a new ice scraper for good measure
  12. scheduled a massage on a whim
  13. got my eyebrows waxed FINALLY
  14. cancelled my massage 10 minutes later after some Dave Ramsey reflection....not like I was following the plan anyway (see #7-9)
  15. tried on a sample of some $90 wrinkle creme
  16. had a nice long conversation with a great friend
Not bad.  It's only 1:00.  What to do next?

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  1. you crack me up....that was great. I love reading your blog, it puts a smile on my face. I specifically love the cancel the massage - dave ramsey we just started the dave ramsey financial peace class. OH what fun! I hope you are doing well. Miss you but reading your blog is great.