the boys

the boys

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Hap, Hap, Happy New Year!! So many blog little time to put them on "paper." I'm always anxious to see what a new year will bring. Well anxious makes it seem bad. I'm excited actually. I think this will be a good year.

I can't set resolutions. They freak me out. Generally make me feel like a loser because I can't live up to them. I set my sights too high and can't succeed, thus the LOSER feeling.

I have about 150 things I would like to do better all which fall into standard categories of be a better mother, wife, woman, boss, friend, daughter, sister. Ahhhh the list goes on. Shall I? Nope. Stopping myself from that long list.

And now I'm getting anxious just thinking about it. Gotta change subjects. Oh crap. I can't. Now I'm stuck in the thoughts of all the things I need to do better. I never should have started down this track. I KNOW better :)

As I read back, I started this blog with being excited about the new year. Gotta get back to that.

Whew. That was a huge digression that was near catastrophic. Perhaps a New Year's Resolution could be to be less dramatic.....nah, we all know I couldn't follow through on that one either ;).

So, I ask myself: Self, what DO I think will go well for me in 2011? A lot. We are on the track to ol' Dave Ramsey's Debt Free plan despite a November/December spending spree. The boys are getting older and more fun by the minute, if not by the second! Jeremy is DONE, DONE, DONE with paramedic school! YIPPEE!! I have the most excellent group of people to work with who make our difficult work tolerable every day. That's a good start.

Ok. I redeemed myself from my own freak out.


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  1. i love reading your blog, you crack me up. no wonder those boys are hilarious. :)

    i always have the same problem with resolutions, so this year i didn't even make one, that way i can't disappoint myself, haha.

    nice picture by the way. ;)