the boys

the boys

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Staycation, BABY

Oh I have longed for you. and here you are! And just as expected, you have not disappointed. I wasn't sure we were ever going to make it. There were roadblocks along the way. Illness, neighborhood burglaries, freaky-deaky clients at work, dog feeding schedules, horrible traffic, a pit stop at the Clay County office, the list goes on. But the stars aligned just in time and here we are!

And this place was rockin' when we got here. Staycation Central (also known as Mimi and Pappaw's house) was in full swing. Doodle had a game of Polish Horseshoes going (a homemade drinking game of frisbee, and knocking beer bottles off of a 2x4), Dad/Pappaw/Ronnie was making cocacha's in the blender (yes, please), Greg was on the grill, and 5 children under the age of 7 were on the loose!

Famous Staycation lines thus far:
Justin: It's Vacation, BABY
Doodle: Courtney, where are my backup pants?
Dad: It's fantastico!
Leo: Hi Mimi, Hi Pappaw (which he says about 150 times per hour)

and it's only Friday morning....

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