the boys

the boys

Sunday, June 27, 2010

And the award goes to....

It was a fun filled weekend, that ol' Staycation. She was a good 'un. Worth repeating, if you ask me. But even if ya didn't, you are reading my blog so really in essence, you did.

Just a few shout outs from the weekend.

The award for Most Brave goes to....CLAIRE! For her first solo tubing experience. FASTER PAPPAW! Runner up goes to BRETT who later went tubing with Claire.

The award for Most Number of Teeth Acquired during Staycation goes to....REID! For getting 2 new teeth along with strep throat to really make his first staycation enjoyable for him and his mother!

The award for Most Improved goes to...JUSTIN! For beginning the weekend by refusing to even touch the lake water and within 30 minutes he was a pro! Swam like a little fish all weekend. Even went tubing!

The award for Best Lake Jump goes to...BRETT! For his Cowboy jump which comes complete with a gallop across the dock, a fake lasso swinging, and a YEE-HA as he jumps in.

The award for Most Consistent Behavior goes to....LEO! For never going 60 seconds without saying MAH-MEEEEEEE except for rare instances in which it would switch to MIMI or PAPPAW

Honorable Mentions:
*Mandi for her keylime cheesecake and berries
*Allison for captaining the boat and mixing drinks (not at the same time)
*Justin for his one-liner: I'm being really good today, Mom. I wish there was another boy like me. (which I guess is actually a 2-liner!)
*Jeremy for cramming a whole weekend into 12 hours and then waking up at 3:45 am to take Allison to the airport and get to work on time this morning

and last but not least....MOM AND DAD. The host and hostest with the mostest! For cooking, cleaning, babysitting, bathing, feeding, and chasing after all of us all weekend!

oh wait....Mark. What the hell did Mark do all weekend?

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