the boys

the boys

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Return of Pooties

Tonight on the way to Target:

Gwen: Justin, remember your birthday party is tomorrow.

Justin: Yeah, when do I get to change my name?

G: What do you mean?  You mean your age, your number?

J: No, my NAME.  Just listen to me and quit asking questions.

G: OK.  So tell me why you want to change your name? Who do you know that changed their name (clearly I could not refrain from asking questions)

J: Like LJ and Jackson (from daycare)

G: They didn't change their names.  Those are the names their mommy and daddy gave them. Just like we named you Justin.  So you need to keep your name Justin. 

J: Like J-U-S-T-I-N is my name now but what if I had different ones like JAPCSON

G: Who do you know that changed their name? 

J: Pooties (I was shocked.....Pooties, if you don't know, was Justin' imaginary friend from about a year ago.  He has recently reemerged)

G: What was Pooties name before?

J: Sometimes Justin and sometimes Pooties.  He wants to get together next Tuesday (which is Justin's birthday)

G: Oh OK.

J: But  he has to work but he really wants some of my cake.  He wants to know what kind of cake for my birthday.

G: Where has Pooties been?

J: I don't know. Sometimes he disappears when we wake up.

then talking to himself in the back seat:
J: You go to a secret place, aren't you?
P: Uh huh.  I can't tell you.
J: Well I know where you are.

G: Where does he go?

J: Mom, none of your business.  I can't tell you.

Welcome back, Pooties.  We sure have missed you and the excitement and entertainment you bring to our lives!!!!


  1. pooties stories are my favorite!

  2. I think Pooties is a little more than an imaginary friend :)