the boys

the boys

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Funny Boys

Anyone who knows Justin or hears my stories about him knows that he is just a funny kid.  Just a downright funny, funny little boy.  This week has been no exception.  There have been several instances that have sent me into fits of giggles. 

On Monday he accidentally poked Leo in the eye.  No, seriously was an accident.  I saw it  happen.  So Leo was crying and carrying on and Justin felt so bad.  Justin kept telling Leo in his most sincere and encouraging voice "Don't worry buddy.  You still have TWO eyes.  You do, Leo.  You still have TWOOOOO eyes.  It's OK.  You have two eyes.  I promise.  You still have two eyes." 

My Valentine's gift to the boys was a trip to McDonald's Play Land.  I know.  You are soooo impressed!  We got food from the drive thru after playing inside and I asked the boys if they want their "usual."  When it was our turn to order Justin yells from the back "Just tell them we want our usual.  They should just know our usual so you don't have to say it all of the time."  OK, seriously we only visit McDonald's once every few weeks but he was making it sound like we are there every day.  He went on and on and on about how even if there is a different girl working they should know our car and our faces and just know our "usual." 

Friday morning I had to take Will to the doctor so we didn't have our usual morning rush to get out of the house.  Justin was slow to get out of bed so I bribed him with $1 if he takes his shower and gets dressed without having to be told 15 times.  He complied.  He has an envelope for saving money for a special Lego castle that he wants to buy after he gets all of his birthday money.  After he got ready he came into my bathroom to tell me that he doesn't want to take my dollar.  He said that I always have to give my money to him and I never get to keep any for myself so he really, really wants me to just get his dollar.  Then he suggested that I start my own envelope to start saving money for "that washer that dad keeps saying he will buy you but he hasn't bought you yet.  Maybe you can just start an envelope and buy it for yourself."  Good idea buddy!  I kept my dollar.  Only about 900 more and laundry will be a breeze! 

Friday night Jeremy fixed the boys dinner while I fed Will.  The boys were eating at the table and Jeremy is running back and forth getting them stuff and trying to fix our dinner (after I screwed it up by forgetting to turn the oven on and bake our potatoes in advance!).  Out of nowhere Justin says "Dad, I promise not to say the S word anymore."  Oh Geez.  First of all I thought he said "F word" so I was really worried.  Is it wrong that I was relieved when I realized he said "S word"?   So of course we have to ask the follow up "what is the S word?"  And then he won't say it because it's a bad word, etc but Jeremy can't let it go so he asks again to which Justin replies "Sexy.  I can't say sexy anymore because that is a bad word so when I sing I have to say 'Foxy Lady'"  I seriously about lost it.  I had to hide my face behind the What To Expect In the First Year book that I was pouring over to make sure Will isn't falling behind!  And by "make sure" of course I mean obsess about it and analyze his every move. 

Not to be outdone, I heard Leo telling Justin at dinner earlier this week "We should never drive like Dad.  He drives crazy and I will never drive like Dad."  I swear I didn't tell him to say that.  I mean he may have overheard a conversation or two that we have had about it.  And by conversation, of course I mean when I freak out on Jeremy when we are in the car and he make inappropriate comments or gestures to other drivers as he weaves in and out of traffic. Yeah, it's possible that's where Leo picked up that little gem. 

And then his own funny moment again this morning when Leo went into Will's room and woke him up because he "just had to ask him if he remembers that I have a band aid on my finger."  Oh yeah, Leo.  Will in all of his mature 3 months has been worried sick over the scratch on your thumb.  Maybe THAT'S why he was up three times last night.  He was worried about your band aid. 

Love these little guys!  They keep me laughing every single day! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who Cares? DayCares

Recently I saw a picture of my childhood babysitter, Jackie, on Facebook and I started reminiscing.  The good ol' days.  I have a few pretty clear memories of my time there.  I had to be about 5-7 years old because Allison was already born and I was in school for at least part of the time because I can remember riding the bus there in the afternoons. 

You know how it's funny the things that stick with over time?  Well that's what happened to me as I started thinking back....way back.  So here's a few that popped into my head immediately.  We, and by we I mean myself, my sister Mandi, Jackie's daughter Heather, made our own version of Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" video complete with leotards, sweatbands on our heads, and pillows stuffed in our shirts/leotards which were then removed to show off our fabulous new "physical" bodies!  So funny!  I bet Jackie loved that one! 

I also remember that Jackie had hot syrup for pancakes.  How funny is that?  What a funny thing to remember.  In my house we were straight out of the ol' Mrs. Buttersworth bottle and I was in awe of her hot syrup warmed up on the stovetop. 

Another favorite memory is listening to the Thriller record for the first time and being scared to death of the creepy laugh at the end!  Oh, and Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey, You're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!  Hey Mickey!!"  I remember singing that while jumping on Heather's bed. 

Great memories!  Being a working mother is super hard work but I know my kids are making some wonderful memories with Ellan and Heather.  I can't wait to hear their memories some day when they are grown.  But of course I had to ask them now too.... 

Justin said his favorite thing is "usually eating goodies like cookies or something. Or playing and trapping cars.  And doing pumpkins at Halloween"

Leo said his favorite thing is "when I learn new papers" meaning pre-school time.

I asked Will and of course he said his favorite part of daycare is Penny!!  In fact, just this week Justin checked with us to make sure that Penny isn't related to us so Will can marry her when they get older.