the boys

the boys

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Them v. Me

You know what my problem is right now?  It's that my four year old insists that I NOT discipline my 3 year old. I realize this problem is small potatoes compared to so many people with real problems.  I'm not so silly and self absorbed to think it's an actual problem.  In fact the more I think about it, it's really more entertaining than a problem and I hope you are entertained by it too.

Justin stands in complete defense of Leo every day.  I guess that's what big brothers do.  If I so much as say boo to Leo, Justin is right there telling me how I should let up on him so that Leo won't cry or his feelings won't be hurt or he can still have his prize, etc. 

Tonight, as with so many nights, those discussions center around dinnertime.  Ahhhhh, dinnertime.  The thorn in my side in more ways than one.  Leo's constant "I don't like that" mantra is to be expected these days.  He didn't fail me tonight.  To set up the story I have to go back to last night.  If the boys finished their dinner they got the ultimate reward: a blueberry muffin for dessert.  I know you are jealous. 

Leo ate pretty good but he got too distracted and didn't finish within the allotted dinner time (which is a requirement lest it go on for 3 hours).  And of course, Leo was sad and disappointed that he didn't finish his food.  Such are the lessons in life.  Also a lesson in life: sit quite while letting your big brother fight your battles. And that's what Justin did tonight.

Leo didn't want what we were serving.  Big fat shocker there.  I simply reminded him that he will have to eat all of it before he will get a blueberry muffin.  To which Justin replies:

"Mom, you are making me very angry!  Just let him eat whatever he wants so he won't cry.  Just give him a muffin so he'll be happy.  I don't like it when you make him cry."

So I respond with my obligatory "I'm the mom....I make the rules for the house....everyone has to follow them, etc, etc." And Justin's reply is "I'm getting so angry about this.  I'm going to knock out a tooth I'm so angry.  I can't even stand it when you make Leo cry!!!"

Incidentally, Leo is backing ME up with this and reminding Justin that "mommy is in charge and she is the BOSS."  I'm no fool.  This is just the beginning of the them vs. me mentality.  I'm getting a good grip to hold on for the ride!!

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  1. Love it Gwen. Hannah used to stand up for Dakota all the time. She hated when he was in trouble....because he always was. :)