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the boys

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Hero Today

Two big events today.  One certainly way more important than the other.  The 10th anniversary of 9/11 and Opening Day of the regular season for the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.  We knew there was a big ceremony planned before the game started to commemorate the anniversary of that horrible day ten years ago.  All of the fans had been asked to get in their seats by 11:40 am for the pre-game ceremonies that would honor the fireman, police officers, port authority officers and all other lives lost.

Jeremy has been asked to participate in the ceremony on the field.  Numerous firefighters from around the KC metro area were gathered together to present a HUGE flag on the field before the game.  Jeremy decided to turn down that opportunity, but one of his co-workers was on the field today.  When all of the firemen came out on the field around 11:30 everyone in the stadium stood and applauded.  Shouts of USA, USA!!! were heard all over the stadium.  Very, very moving. 

At about 11:50 the pre-game events were underway.  We watched as the firefighters unraveled the flag that covered the entire field.  Buffalo Bills players and firefighters held it on one side.  KC Chiefs and other firefighters held it on the other sideline.  It gave me the chills!! Jeremy took a few pictures on his phone including the one attached. 

Just as we were preparing to listen to the playing of Taps and then the National Anthem, the man sitting in front of us noticed that the older gentleman two rows in front of us was not standing and joining in the celebrations and cheers.  Upon closer look, it seemed that he wasn't breathing.  I immediately told Jeremy who jumped into action.  In a flash he was down the two rows and assessing the man for signs of life.  He was able to determine that he was still breathing but was unconscious.  Jeremy yelled for someone to call for EMS just as the man's wife came down the aisle.

He asked a few people close by to help him lift the guy and carry him about 8 rows to the concourse to further assist him.  The first professional staff to show up on scene were firefighters but not paramedics so Jeremy continued to be the main paramedic in charge of the scene until other EMS staff arrived.  He stayed with the family to take and report pertinent information to the medics that would then transport him to the hospital.  He also calmed the wife enough to convince her to drive to the hospital so that her car wouldn't be left in the stadium and later towed. 

All of this occurred while the rest of the stadium was watching the emotional rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and seeing the fighter jets fly overhead.  So at a time when the entire stadium and everyone watching on TV was paying tribute not just to our nation but a special tribute to the first responders on 9/11, my husband was being a hero and saving this man's life just like he does every day on duty.  Thankfully he was not on the field today holding a piece of the flag because his services were needed elsewhere.  Divine intervention.

Honey, I am SO very, very proud of you!

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