the boys

the boys

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Mom Named Gwen

Tonight I asked Justin to tell me a story to distract me from itching my bug bites.  As he began telling stories he has the idea that they were going to be a book series.  He named it “The Mom Named Gwen” however he says that they are not about me.  I’m not convinced.  (Then I just read this back to him and he laughed hard and said that it is actually about me.  It is mostly about this family except for the dad part because he is a nice dad and he loves him for it.)

Book 1

Once there was a mom named Gwen.  And she was so nice to her boys that she even got their favorite donuts for breakfast even though they were having a really hard time.  Plus she was also very kind to share money to the poor.  But one day she was mean to her boys.  She was very upset and disappointed.  Then she apologized and even let the boys sleep in her bed.  The End.

Book 2

Once there was a mom named Gwen.  One day the boys threatened their mom.  And then the mom cried and cried while the boys just cleaned up the whole house.  The mom didn’t even look.  Then they said they were sorry and the mom said that is not enough.  She looked at the whole house and there wasn’t even a crumb in site.  She loved the boys and she even scratched their back and let them lay in her bed.  The End.

In reviewing his work, Justin believes that Book 2 is “even more impressive” than Book 1.

Book 3

The Grumpy Dad

Once there was a grumpy dad named John.  He was very mean to his kids.  One day on a sunny morning the dad thought about the way he has been to his children all of his life.  Then one day his heart grew and grew and he was very nice to his children for the rest of his life.  Even though he was still a little grumpy to his kids he always loved him at the bottom of his heart.  And the kids all grew up to be as nice as that dad.  The End. 

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