the boys

the boys

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Parenting Fail

I didn't have a bad day.  I just had a weird day.  One of those days where things don't go quite as planned.  I had planned to spend the whole morning turning in some data requirements only to realize that I was a month early.  Better than being a month late and allowed me time to start other things on my long to do list.  Then I had lunch with a good friend and hurried off to my next meeting.  Well, the next meeting was a no-show.  Not only a no show but blamed me for a miscommunication on where we would meet and then refused to reschedule for her internship interview!!!  Guess she can go do her internship somewhere else.  Kinda dodged a bullet there I think.  Once again, not in the plans but allowed for more time on the ol' to-do list.  Next on the schedule was a conference call.  Oops, it was for 3pm Eastern, not Central time so I missed it.  Dang it.  Really needed that info.  Fortunately the people were kind enough to immediately send me the recorded version so I can watch it soon.  I finished my work day cooking with/for a bunch of teenagers at work.  At least that part went off without incident!

But then it was home to the kiddos.  I attempted parenting success by surprising them with a trip to McDonald's PlayLand.  They always beg me and I hate going there.  Fed the big boys dinner and headed home.  Everyone got their bath/shower and jammies on and we were just winding down for the night.

OOOPS!!!  I forgot to feed Will!  I seriously forgot to feed my own child!  Total parenting fail!!! What is wrong with me?!?!?!  I don't feed him McDonald's at his age and I just plain forgot to do anything related to dinner when I got home.  And sweet little Will is so used to just going with the flow that he never even made a peep.  Never asked for food or drink.  He did have a few apples at McDonald's, but still!!  It is 7:10 pm and I totally forgot to feed the little guy. 

So I start berating myself and head to the kitchen telling myself what a horrible mother I am.  I think I said something like "UGH!  I am the worst mother EVER!!!". To which sweet little Justin responded "MOM, you are a great mom.  You were just busy yelling at us."

Oh well don't I just feel a whole lot better.   

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