the boys

the boys

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Funday

I am pleased to say that when this morning started out as one of "those mornings" and I started jotting down notes and keeping my phone handy for pics for what I knew would be a blog-worthy day, I did not expect things to really calm down by lunch time.  So instead of a days worth of craziness, I only ended up with a morning.  Thankfully!

My overwhelming thought this morning was "why do I ever try to accomplish anything when I am here with all 3 kids."  I was in such a productive mood and had grand plans for completing many tasks on the to do list, yet every time I turned my back for a few seconds something went awry. 

If you don't live around me, know that today we are in ridiculously cold temps and more snow.  I had no intentions of going anywhere but being stuck here with the 3 stooges wasn't going so well either. 

First off, Will is a first class climber.  He is on every possible piece of furniture or other climbable item instead of playing with the hundreds of dollars of toys that are strewn about the living room.  That doesn't stop him from destroying the living room by dragging said toys all over the floor, but as soon as he is done doing that he finds something to climb on.  The unfortunate part of his little plan at this stage is that he doesn't know how to get down from anywhere yet.  Other than a face plant. 

First place I found him today:

I'm just fortunate he wasn't already up on the table.  He surely can't get hurt too bad falling out of a chair, but off the kitchen table is a different story (is what I tell myself). 

One of my goals today was to get all of Will's clothes changed out.  He is growing out of most of his clothes so I had to bring up the next bins, go through all of his drawers, keep the things that fit, pack up the things that don't fit, wash all of the clothes, etc, etc.  You guys know the drill.  And I knew I needed to keep the little bugger with me since he clearly can't be trusted out of my site.  (foreshadowing here).  So I had him locked in his bedroom with me to go through clothes.  First thing he does is climb up on the wooden rocking chair we have in his room and promptly fall off face first and smash his face into the floor. 

I was getting nothing accomplished.  Justin offered to watch him for a few minutes in his room.  (bad idea).  I was working as quickly as I could to put clothes away when I hear Justin say "Leo, you were supposed to be watching him!"  And down they come.  At first I thought Will's mouth was bleeding from his face plant off the rocking chair.  Nope.  Worse.  He ate a purple crayon.  A quick call to Poison Control and all was well.  For about 5 minutes. 

Then I tried to go pee all by myself. I know it's a cliché but I really was trying to just sneak in a quick bathroom break. See, I really did have lofty goals for myself today!  Just as I was wrapping it up, the oldest two boys come flying into my room.  Justin is crying and before Leo can say anything he apologizes to me with "sorry I saw your buns mom.  I hit Justin."  But he didn't just hit Justin.  He threw a metal saucepan lid at Justin and hit his ear!!  So I go through my whole schpeel of telling them why they can't hit, why they need to calm down, why they need to play nice, etc, etc.  I order them to the steps (their time out location) to talk nicely to each other.  However on our way to the steps we all three stop cold when we realize that William is doing this at the bottom of the steps:

He is standing on a plastic tub that I had just filled of clothes that don't fit him. When we first walked down he was trying to climb over the back of the couch.  Lord help me! 

But the boys still had to finish their time out.  Our general rule is that they have to sit there and talk nicely to each other.  Here's a little snippet of that fun.  They are so used to this drill that they almost always just go there automatically.  It's adorable!

 I was losing steam.  I needed a break.  I plopped myself on the couch and within moments I heard a big crash in the dining room.  And then not a single sound.  I thought for sure Will had knocked himself unconscious this time.  I knew all of the chairs were pushed in after the first fiasco this morning.  Found this:

We finally made it to lunchtime.  I was defrosting some hamburger when Leo came in to find out what was for lunch.  I warned him that it wasn't going to be his beloved PB&J.  this was his reaction.

In case you can't understand it, Leo says "YOU ALWAYS MAKE US STUFF THAT WE NEVER LIIIIIKE!"  And of course, Justin is just trying to get in on the fun and amp up Leo's response to lunch.  This video pretty much sums up my morning. 

Everyone was amazingly well behaved after lunch and played quietly while I tried to lose myself in Netflix during Will's nap (success!) He woke up in a great mood!

I thought we were really going to get away with no additional trouble the rest of the night until just before putting Will to bed while I was filling his humidifier, I caught him drinking out of the dogs bowl.  That's a new one for us.  Sigh. 

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