the boys

the boys

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I always thought it was silly when the State would call a hiring freeze a hiring "pause."  It was obvious word play.  I'm not sure if I am doing word play or just trying to ease my own thoughts on the matter, but I've decided to officially go on a "blogging pause." I haven't paid much attention to the stats part of blogging, but I just checked and as of yesterday I have had 10,098 views on my blog since it started in 2010.  Not too shabby.

I have blogged so rarely in the last year since William was born.  I don't blame the little cherub, of course, it's just that life has gotten pretty busy.  I can't give my posts the kind of attention that I used to. I still write them in my head in the middle of the night or while driving, but I just don't have the time to put it on paper, so to speak.  I just gotta allow myself to give it up for now.  It's taken me 3 weeks to get up the gumption just to convince myself I'm on this pause.  By calling it a pause, I feel like I am giving myself the out that if I can get to a place of "un-pause" it will still be here waiting on me. 

So I thought I would conclude this phase of my blogging life by once again plugging my life theme. 


Really, truly think about that the next time you have an opinion about someone or something. 

May God continue to bless each of you.

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