the boys

the boys

Sunday, July 14, 2013

O'Brien Boy Stories

'Cuz who doesn't like some good ol' O'Brien boy stories....I've been writing them down quickly when they occur to blog later.  as I put them together today I was surprised how many were potty humor.  Not sure why I am surprised though.  It will be my life for the next 20+ years. 

Me: We are having spaghetti for dinner.
Leo:  NOOOO!  I don't want spaghetti.  I get so tired.  I have to twist and twist and twist and twist and twist and twist.  I'm so tired!

After Leo asked for his vitamin Justin said "Do I dare ask for one too?" 

Favorite one-liners from Daycare Bowling night:
Leo:  I took a poop.  Now let's bowl!
Justin:  I really thought there would be an audience.

Watching the Billboard Music Awards and Justin Beiber was accepting an award and thanking his fans:
Justin: THAT'S Justin Beiber?  I think I'm one of his fans.  Aren't I? 

Leo:  (while Justin was getting in trouble) Mom, you are beautiful and wonderful and I love your toenails. 

While watching me change Will's poopy diaper:
Leo:  Remember dad's big poop?
Justin:  Yeah.  It was bigger than Will's.  Because Dad is bigger.  His was HUGE!
Leo:  I have to poop.
Justin: If I had 100 kids our house would smell like a diaper. 

Justin came running out of the lake with an urgent need to use the restroom (#2). 
Me: What's with you waiting until the last minute to tell me you have to go potty?
Justin:  Wellllll, sometimes I fake it.  You know like how I fake stuff sometimes?
Me: Like what?
Justin:  Like when you tell me to go wash my hands or something and I just go upstairs but I just fake it and don't really do it.   (pause)  Sorry about that, by the way

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  1. oh. my. GOD. i literally busted out laughing at that poop one (i guess that's most of them..but the one about dad's poop being HUGE). these are hilarious and those boys are so good for our entertainment. i will always think about Leo twisting and twisting and twisting whenever i eat spaghetti from now on. ;)