the boys

the boys

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Vacuum Boy

Last night, out of nowhere, Leo started crying and whining that we "never vacuum!"  He's not necessarily wrong.  Vacuuming is not really my strong suit and for some reason this devastates my second born child.  So after several minutes of begging, he got side tracked.  I took the opportunity to make dinner and clean up the kitchen. 

But he could not be deterred.  As soon as dinner was over he was back to begging to vacuum.  We relented by having the boys clean their rooms so we could vacuum their rooms.  As soon as he finished he let out a huge wail.  "We NEVER mooooooooooop!"  What?????  Again, the kid is not wrong.  I have never mopped a single thing in this house.  That's daddy's job.  Judge me or be jealous.  Doesn't matter to me.  Daddy mops.  End of story. 

But daddy wasn't up for mopping at 8 pm on a Friday night.  We are a huge disappointment to our son, apparently.  I promised repeatedly that we will spend Saturday morning cleaning.  So it was no surprise that the first words out of Leo's mouth at 7:30 am were "Is it time to dust and vacuum?"  Soon, my son, soon. 

And then the cleaning started.  First it was the living room.  He is a big fan of feather dusting the actual furniture.  Whatevs.

Then it was on to Justin's room

(note, Justin just watching him)
Then it was on to the office/spare bedroom that is currently being renovated for the boys. 
He clearly loves how he looks while cleaning!  Now it's on to mom's room and cleaning the new dog bed.

Meanwhile, Justin plays Leo's Leapster while our dog licks himself.  nice!

Next up: the kitchen floor

Having finished most rooms inside the house, the next obvious place to dust is.....
around the front door! 

And don't forget the front windows!

And we can't let the birds eat out of a dirty bird feeder!!

And now, he needs to take the rug downstairs to the laundry room so he can get ready for vacuuming.  Life just can't get any better than this.

and now it's FINALLY time to vacuum!!

and the steps...

Thanks Justin for your support!

And the final step (of course) is to.....

dust the vacuum itself!

And now it's time for a little TV (with feather duster still in hand)

No, I did not think up any of this myself and YES he is for hire to good homes :)

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