the boys

the boys

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What the HELL?

Last night, as with most nights, was interesting and entertaining in our household.  Jeremy was at work and the boys were really good overall.  Until I got on the phone.  I know we all know that there is something about a mother starting a phone conversation that makes the children swarm to her side with imminent  needs. 

The boys had previously been in my bed watching a movie before bedtime.  I gave them the whole "if you get out of bed and run around my room, you will be sent to your own rooms" threat that they get every weekend.  It worked the same way it works every weekend.  It didn't. 

I was on the phone with my sister and pausing every few minutes to politely encourage them (yeah, right!) to go to their own rooms since they didn't follow directions the first time.  And they follow directions so well.  Oh wait.  That's not what happened.  What happened was that they went on a total spaz out and started a pillow fight in the living room.  That's right.  Pretty much the exact opposite of what I asked them to do. 

Sadly, for them and for me, I had to end the phone call and be the bad guy (ie the parent).  This of course resulted in sniffling and sassing as I hauled their little butts up to bed 45 minutes after normal bedtime.  Cry me a river, kids.  It's not as if any of us didn't know this is exactly how the night would end. 

But it didn't end there.  It never does.  Not for Justin anyway.  Leo's whining was due to actual sleepiness.  He secretly wants to be forced to go to his bed because he will be sawing logs in about 2.3 seconds. 

Justin on the other hand is a night owl.  Stays up until 10 pm every single night.  So 45 minutes after the meltdowns I was finishing banking on the computer and watching my trashy TV when our first born saunters out of his room to "see what's up."  By this time I was so over the whole not going to bed issue from an hour ago. (I wonder why they don't take me seriously??)  I let him sit with me for a few minutes and chill out while I shut down the computer and then we headed to bed.  It's not uncommon that Justin gets to sleep with me when Jeremy is at the firehouse so he just made his way to my bed like he owns the place.  Fine with me, really.

Just as we snuggle in, turn off the lights, and start to drift off to sleep I heard him whisper

"What the HELL?" 

Ummm, I was like "what did you just say?"  He said "I said 'what the hell?'"

So of course I had to ask...fearing the answer...."Where did you hear that?"  (please don't say me, please don't say me,  please don't say me).

"From the new Spiderman movie."  (whew!)

"OK, well that is not a nice word.  It's like stupid or idiot, so we don't use it and tomorrow we will not be watching the new Spiderman CARTOON (mind you!) and we will look for a better Spiderman movie."

"Okie dokie mom." 

I went to bed thinking about that darn Easter Bunny who brought the foul languaged-Spiderman cartoon into our home!  If I ever get my hands on him....oh crap, I am the Easter Bunny.  Man, sometimes I really suck at this parenting thing! 

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