the boys

the boys

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the funny pages

what a wonderful Sunday! Jeremy was actually home so we went to church together with the boys and then out to lunch...a rare treat on our strict Dave Ramsey budget, but very worth the quality time together. Then home and we all took naps! We ran a few errands and I took the boys to a parking lot near the airport and watched planes take off and land.

so a few of our very own Sunday comics:
-- at church during the Nicene Creed (prayer)one line reads "He was born of the Virgin Mary, and became man" obviously referring to Jesus. Justin exclaims "a CAVE man? Like in Scooby Doo?" He thought "became man" sounded like "cave man." He was all excited that the entire congregation was talking about Scooby Doo in church. Yup Justin, Jesus is running around disguised as the frozen caveman. I can just picture Velma saying "It was that pesky Jesus who has been haunting the deserted inn."

-- Leo spent our entire lunch feeding himself and his "raff" (giraffe) lunch. He holds him by the neck and says "raff's turn" and then "MY turn" as he takes turns feeding raff and giving him drinks from the sippy cup. Then at the end of lunch he lays raff on his back and says "raff pooped" and proceeds to act like he is changing his diaper (on the table). NICE

-- and last but not least, Justin was beyond excited today that he got to wear a new pair of shoes. And by new, I mean barely used hand-me-down shoes from his cousin Nicholas. Justin has been obsessed with his friend LJ's shoes at daycare. He told me a few days ago that LJ has Sketchers and Sketchers are FAST. So when I got out the shoes to wear to this morning and realized that they are Sketchers I thought Justin was going to lose it. He was SO excited. He has been talking about them all day. This afternoon as we watched the airplanes take off he said from the back seat "Mom, do you think if I stick my foot out (of the window) they will see my Sketchers and think they are COOL?" And then just now as he was going to bed he told Jeremy "Everyone tomorrow is going to be like 'WHOA! Those are so cool!'" He is totally pumped for daycare tomorrow to show off his new shoes! And just so Leo doesn't feel left out, he got new Buzz Lightyear tennis shoes that light up when he stomps! It's going to be a good Monday!

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