the boys

the boys

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My pink megaphone

I was listening to a Christian radio station today and one of the guests had this great analogy about the difference between men and women. I didn't catch his name or even think to write down which radio station because I was travelling in between meetings so if anyone heard it and can give credit to him, feel free to post a comment with his info. Here's the gist of what he said:

Women see the world through pink glasses, hear the world through pink hearing aides, and talk to the world through a pink megaphone. On the flip side, men see through blue glasses, hear through blue hearing aides, and speak through blue megaphones. We literally see, hear, and speak in different languages and a healthy marriage (or relationship) is all about learning to communicate effectively with each other.

another fun little point he made: When a woman says she has nothing to wear she means that she has nothing NEW to wear. When a man says he has nothing to wear he means he has nothing CLEAN to wear.

None of this is meant to be sexist or stereotyping genders at all...just some reflections on the difference between men and women. It was fun to listen to and find myself saying "oh, yup! that happens to me." :)

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  1. so true! did you ever read the old "women are from venus, men are from mars"? there's alot of the same kind of info in it ... about the differences between the way men and women talk and handle relationships.